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Hello there this is my new blog. Just checking my site.


It is ok to being different.

Hey there my friends ! Basically this is my first blog. I started this by inspired by my friend , my teacher. So i like to share my knowledge with you whatever i have. This blog is for them who afraid of their faliurs and also for their parents. I am not so much old and experienced person. But i like to analyze each and every thing. I am still 18 years old and studying a CA ( charterd account ) . I like to share this blog on my own experiences i wish i could be helpful to you. Not only by Orthodox ways but also by new generation and smart ways. Please correct me if i am wrong Because i am also one of you and also a Learner.

                               1. Failure 

          Now a days this word is like a danger in everyones life , people always says that failure is not an option. But i suggest that failure must an option, But GIVING UP should not be an option. Sometime people think that if the are fail they can’t do anything and also now a days generation learnt something new that is thinking about suiside or about smoking or drinking etc. But guys this is not a solution of your failure. You should try to something new you have to grow up from that failure not to get down by that failure. If you want something you can achieve it but not by only success you need to fail to learn something new , if you never fail in life you can not learn something new , and that us not about go and fail but about when the moment when you tried hard and failed. You have to learn to control your mind. Failure is a part of success not apart from success. If you want something badly you can achieve it , but on the way of achieve , when you slip on path and get badlay wounded and Still you are thinking that if i can achieve not immediately but i will definitely at that point You should have that power that i will burn my self ,but i will do light in this dark mind , negativity and giving up thoughts. Once this hunger will comes in you and thats it you will win each and every race which you run. But most of peoples i analyzed that when they fall down they first go in their comfort zone , and it is called giving up . That is not a way my friend. A billionaire and a begger both have 24 hour of time . Change your perception towards the good thing , towards successful persons and must spend time with your that friend who knows you very well. I remember when i was i CPT examination i was failed by 3 marks at that time i was a totally broken and thinking about giving up. And on that day i met 4 legends of my life. 1.MY DAD – on that day i was failed in professional examination and thinking about my dad that he will scold me , he will be angry on me but after that moment my life change when they back to home and told me get ready dear we are going on a dinner. I was totally blank. On the way i asked them , dad you know very well that i am failed then why are you taking me on dinner and the legend asked that , dear human life full of stuggle and who is stable in any situation he wins. I am preparing you for the more faliures because i have experienced more and huge failure then you but still i am smiling why ? Beacuse i am unstoppable. Never think that you are weak always think that you are still uncompleate to do something somewhere. Get ready dear your life is throwing balls of opportunities do not worry if you can’t hit that because you will not out till you left the ground and main thing is there us no wickets and wicketkeepers. This is your first fight still you have ti give many fights to life. And after that day i was totally changed. 

2. MY MOM – mummy is one of the my best friend. I tell them each and every little thing. Our financial condition is not so good in this time so mummy asked me that hey idiot why are you doing like girls you are my support , get up and put it in more let me see who dare to you to stop. 

This two persons are my god , because i don’t believe in god. I don’t thik that god exist but this is only for me. I am not stop others that you also should do what i am doing. I follow my ethics I don’t believe in god because i have not watched them so i believe in my mom dad . 

Ok. 3rd person is my best friend named setu. He is the person who changed my life totally and this is his gift that now i am able to write this blog in English language because i was from Gujrati medium school and he is the person who makes me a perfect person but i reallize little bit late. When i was failed ,his words are still surrounding in my ear that “hey my champ get up , you can do it just try one more time and you are done” he is very ethicle person at starting our friendship i thinks about him that why he is this much idiot but he idiot made my life . I can tell him my true friend because he is with me in may happy moments but he also with me with my worst moments. 

4. And and fourth is very special person of my life and she is a fabulous , yes ! My closet friend and  Nam. He/She is a amazing person like my mom . She/he always tell me that hey khushal focus on your dream ,on your goals you are not made for this bullshits and relationships .he/ She told me that this is our time to do something because he/she is also doing CA and she is also failed. So we both supported each other. But she is the person that made me a man from a child thinking.

And after that we again wake up with the new fire that yes we are broad enough to handle the failure because we believe in each other we believe in yourself. And now i am preparing for my attempt and i am thinking that is was a bad that time when i was failed but now i am feeling that it is good that i am failed because everything happens for a reason. 

         Believe me guys when you fail please try once this , that you will not give up and continuously saying yourself that it happens for good reason. And don’t forget to met this 4 people of your life at that time i.e your mom dad , your best friend and your closest friends doesn’t matter they are not in field but believe me that you will definitely come out better version of you then before. And damn sure you will achive your success. Don’t lose hope guys THANK YOU. 

                                 – KHUSHAL PRAJAPATI.